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and with exceptional & knowledgeable customer service!

The Hothi Family has a long history of farming in the Kamloops, operating Heffley Farms for the past 20 years! Herman’s involvement in the farm, attending seasonal farmers markets, and particularly watching local produce get packed up and shipped to warehouses in the Lower Mainland to then be distributed back to big grocery chains in Kamloops, where it originally came from, is what inspired him most to start up Nu Leaf Produce Market.

Through his experiences watching these processes, attending the farmers market, networking with other local farmers, he recognized that the demand for, and the available supply of local and regional produce was far beyond the short summer Farmers Market season, and there was demand for a year round marketplace to sell local produce and food items.

Thus began Nu Leaf Produce Market in 2011!

Over the years we have grown and the local community has come to recognize our store as the place to go for great deals, the biggest supply of local produce in Kamloops, knowledgable team members, and great customer service!

Behind the scenes it is our strong and dedicated relationships we have built with local farmers, producers and suppliers, that allow us to be so successful! We take the time to learn and understand their business, products and crops, and they teach us about the produce we sell in store so we can pass that knowledge onto our customers.

We at Nu Leaf Produce Market want to say thank you to our customers because their support of our store allows us to continue to provide a stable, consistent and committed opportunity to the farmers and food producers to sell their products year round! 

 Because of our regular customers, we are able to commit to our farmers, and work closely with them to understand each others needs and plan for the upcoming season. This provides our BC and regional local farmers and food producers with stability and financial reassurance. 

 Thank you for helping us support our farmers and producers!

Update: What’s New at Nu Leaf for 2020

Happy New Year to our valued Nu Leaf Customers! 

Thank you for your continued support since Nu Leaf opened 8 years ago. We’ve learned a lot since we first opened, embracing the challenges and opportunities that arise from the continuously evolving food & agriculture industry, and we have some exciting plans for this new year that I want to share with you.

Since the day we opened our doors our goal has always been, and will continue to be, sourcing items that are as local as possible, and to support local farmers in our area. We source from over 40+ local & BC farmers to bring you the best! My passion for supporting local farmers comes from my own family’s history of farming in the Kamloops area for over 30 years.

At Nu Leaf you can shop with comfort knowing where your food comes from and with the assurance that it was sourced with care. I have always been committed to providing our customers with responsibly grown produce, like we grow on our family farms. Knowing where your produce comes from, what particular farm, and how it is grown, is extremely important to me and will continue to be top of mind in our purchasing department.

What’s New For 2020?

We will be working closer with our import suppliers, and our local farmers, to bring you more organic items. Our focus will continue to be local, and we want to maintain our commitment to relationships with local farmers. We will build on those relationships by providing local farmers with the opportunity to grow and sell organically farmed produce to our customers.

This year we are working to reduce, and hopefully one day eliminate, single use plastics by sourcing and providing more sustainable solutions. Our first step in this journey was the launch of Nu Bags Sustainable Solutions, my newest company, which offers zero-waste, sustainable solutions to retailers and consumers. I have been researching and considering how to reduce single use plastic’s at Nu Leaf for a while now, and we’re ready to tackle the hard work behind the scenes to make it happen.

We will be undergoing renovations to revamp our space and create a better shopping experience for our customers. We can’t wait to show off our many local products in a refreshed space. (No closure dates are anticipated at this time regarding our renovation plans.) We know a lot of our customers come to our store from across the city and other communities, and we know many of you are interested in a second Nu Leaf location. We are always mindful of potential opportunities, should we find the perfect space.
We are very excited for all the year ahead and can’t wait to share these exciting changes with all of you!

– Herman Hothi, Owner 

Renovations have begun, tho the plan has been modified in light of COVID-19

Our planned 2020 renovations are starting this week, but with some modifications to our original plans. Although Herman had envisioned a plan for the store many months ago, COVID 19 has led to several modification and the current renovation plan is one that focuses on improving social distancing around the store.

We recognize that social distancing measures will be in place for a while still, and we want to commit our energy to making sure we can continue to provide a safe and comfortable shopping experience for our customers and staff.

We anticipate no closures at this time, however we may have to limit store capacity further while necessary work is completed during store hours. The majority of the work is scheduled to take place after store hours. Our initial renovation timeline has been expanded to allow us to complete the work in phases and maintain proper social distancing. We now estimate that all renovations will be completed by October.

• Please allow the first hour of shopping, from 8 am – 9 am to be for those who are more vulnerable.
• We ask that customers please use the hand sanitizer located at the front entrance of the store as soon as they arrive.
• We ask that you please make your purchase using debit or credit instead of cash, if you are able.
• We are having to limit customers and may ask you to wait at the door during peak shopping times. Please shop, don’t stop. We have a small store and we ask customers to make their shopping as reasonably efficient as possible.
• Our staff are sanitizing carts and baskets as they are used, so please return them to the cashiers and not to their original location.
• If you choose to shop with your own reusable bags and totes, we will ask that you pack your own items.
• Our staff have a list of high traffic areas to sanitize on a recurring basis to keep us all safe.

Again, thank you for your patience, understanding and support during this unfamiliar time. We are doing our best and putting in lots of work behind the scenes to keep our store open and safe to serve our community.

We also want to take a moment to remind customers that our COVID 19 practices are still in place.